Workshops and Tutorials will take place on November 15, 2017

All workshops are full-day. Please refer to the workshop’s web pages for more information about the program.

Workshop title Organizers Room
Towards robust grasping and manipulation skills for humanoids V. Ortenzi, Y. Bekiroglu, Y. Karayiannidis, E. Johns, P. Corke TBD
Can we build Baymax?
Part III: Design and Control for Soft Human-Robot Interaction
C. Atkeson, H. Kaminaga, J. Kim, J. Lee, K. Yamane TBD
Benchmarking: the next challenge in Humanoid Robotics Research D. Torricelli, K. Mombaur, N. Tsagarakis TBD
Locomotion and Manipulation: Unifying Solutions Across Aerial and Terrestrial Regimes D. Pucci, M. Fumagalli, A. Ajoudani, J. Park, P. M. Wensing TBD
Human-Humanoid collaboration: the next industrial revolution? S. Ivaldi, J. Babic, F. Nori, M. Azad TBD
Creating Meaning With Robot Assistants: The Gap Left by Smart Devices R. Gomez, L. Guangliang, K. Nakamura, M. Muehlig, M. Heckmann, S. Moubayed TBD
Why Humanoids? K. Hambuchen, C. Jenkins, J. Mehling, K. French TBD
Exoskeleton design through optimization and adaptive control T. Petrič, M. Sreenivasa, K. Mombaur, J. Babič TBD
The 12th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots D. Lofaro, S. Behnke, D. Lee, U. Hochberg TBD